Impressions of Bosnia

This Bosnia Herzegovina photostory illustrates how I perceived the beauty and diversity of nature and everyday life in this wonderful country. The photography reportage focuses on several aspects of life in Bosnia: its touristic potential, the presence of faith and society, everyday life in its capital Sarajevo.


Wonderful Bosnia – tourism

The first part of the photostory covers my favourite landscapes, settings and sceneries I witnessed during my travels.

Faith in Bosnia

Several etnic and religious groups, mainly Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox, live together in Bosnia Herzegovina. Religion never was a focus for me nevertheless it’s hard to get around it when in Bosnia. Sometimes it reminds of a painful past. At other occasions it expresses faith, hoping for a better future.

Life in Sarajevo

I first visited Sarajevo back in 2014 on a motorcycle trip through the Balkans. We could only stay for two days and I told myself I had to get back to do a photo reportage about this intriguing city. I went back in 2017, 2018 and 2019 to look at different aspects of the city and its lovely inhabitants. These photos illustrate how I perceived the vibrant city and which parts of it spoke to me.

Daily lives in Sarajevo

I made a special photo series with portraits of some of the people of Sarajevo I met during my travels and shootings in the city.

Have a look at this photo project here.

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