Reportage photography

My biggest passion in photography is to focus on subjects that intrigue me and are often left unattended. I made photo series about people’s everyday lifes, subcultures or just modernist buildings.

olympic mountain igman sarajevo ski ground
Impressions of Bosnia

This Bosnia Herzegovina photostory illustrates how I perceived the beauty and diversity of nature and everyday life in this wonderful country. The photography reportage focuses on several aspects of life in Bosnia: its touristic potential, the presence of faith and … Read More

Jelle Ana camperlife roadtrip © Sacha Jennis
Life on the road
Personal work - reportage photography

Jelle & Ana’s Hymer adventureLife on the roadYoung couple Jelle & Ana took a vintage Hymer campervan on a year long road trip which took them from Belgium to Portugal, Morocco and back.

analog photo series on motels in Canada by Sacha Jennis
Motels in Canada
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

Analog photo series on inspiring motels in British Columbia, Canada. Shot on 35mm color film during a road trip.

Erva tattoo artist sarajevo ©sacha Jennis
Sarajevo: daily lives
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

Ik reisde verschillende keren naar Sarajevo, de wonderlijke hoofdstad van Bosnië-Herzegovina. Deze fotoreeks is een ode aan de bewoners van deze stad. This photo series focuses on creative people living in Sarajevo, Bosnia’s wonderful capital. These people chose to stay … Read More

Zaspa district Gdańsk (Poland)
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

Analog series on the public housing buildings in Zaspa district of Gdańsk, Poland

Mariette uit Braemblokken fotoreeks ©Sacha Jennis Stadsfotograaf 2015-2017
Groeten uit de Braemblokken
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

De Braemblokken op het Kiel in Antwerpen vormen een bijzonder stukje architectuur. Met deze fotoreeks wilde ik de bewoners van de sociale woningen uit deze hoogbouw op een mooie manier in beeld brengen. Bekijk de fotowebsite Groeten uit de Braemblokken

Braemblokken Kiel Architectuur Renaat Braem ©Sacha Jennis
Braemblokken, Kiel (Antwerpen) – Architectuur
Architecture | Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

De Braemblokken (‘1954, Renaet Braem) De bewoners in beeld:fotoreportage ‘Groeten uit de Braemblokken’

Radio Minerva - programmamakers Eddy en Cinne
Radio Minerva
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages

Gedurende enkele weken was ik te gast bij de charmante programmamakers van de Antwerpse seniorenzender Radio Minerva. Ik kreeg er de kans hen te portretteren in en naast de studio.

Queen’s cabaret
Personal work - reportage photography | Reportages | Travel

The pictures were made at Christmas 2011, when I was travelling in South East Asia. I got intrigued by the story of this ladyboys club Queens Cabaret when one of the ladyboys handed me a flyer to invite me to … Read More